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Preorder eta jan USA
1. Pioneer woman 5qt – blue- 2 pcs
2. Pioneer woman 5qt- red-2 pcs
3. Pioneer woman blooms white -2 pcs
4. Pioneer woman enamel on steel -2 pcs 6.4qt
5. Pioneer woman rose shadow-2 pcs
6. Pioneer woman Vintage floral- 2 pcs
7. Pioneer flower -purple -2 pcs
8. Pioneer flower- pink-2 pcs
9. Pioneer flower- yellow- 2 pcs

Rm350x 18= RM6300
(depo RM250x18= rm4500)
Balance ms sampai

7. PW Tureen
Light blue:
RM330x2= rm660
Depo rm250x2= rm500
Balance masa sampai

Dark blue
RM330x2= rm660
Depo rm250x2= rm500
Balance masa sampai

Preorder eta jan UK
1. Heart Dish 10pcs
– RM160 x 10= RM1600
-depo RM140x10= RM1400
Balance ms sampai

Eta jan
Teapot spoon rest set of 6 RM300x3 set= rm900
( depo rm250x3= rm750)
Balance bila sampai

Spatula RM49x 10= rm490
Depo rm30x 10= rm300

Set utensil
Rm299x4= rm1196
Depo rm200x4= rm800

1. 6.4qt enamel on steel – 1 pcs rm350

Weight 2 kg


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